Wednesday, 28 March 2012

Butterflies in Purple

This is the frame I created last month for an Exhibition.Will try and post the glass framed pic later.
I owe my quilling skills to all you quilling artist whom I am following.Hats off to you all!!! Especially Inna Dorman,Anastasia Wahalatantari,Suganthi,Cristina,Pritesh, Claire,Ann Martin.
I was very fascinated when I saw some pre-cut quilling strips in a shop and kept wondering about it.Somedays later I bought a Quilling Kit from a nearby shop and started quilling,but it turned out to be a disaster.I googled "Paper Quilling"and came across many sites.It was Inna's

that taught me to quill at that stage.And it was an wonderful experience.Since then I haven't stopped.Thank you.

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